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The story of a local New Zealand brand.
Brainstormed and accomplished by a young, aspiring entrepreneur with one dream - to bridge the gap between chic and streetwear creating and resembling a modern fashion gateway accessible to all.

Outrè The Label embodies everything we adore about fashion, from curated quality pieces to beautiful fabrics and tones. Our vision is for a healthy planet, empowered people and a purpose to use fashion to create a better world.

We started with an aspiration and saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the fashion industry that so desperately needed fixing. Our mission then quickly revolved around building a brand that puts the health of our people and planet at the forefront of every decision, along with supporting local and keeping quality at the top of our priority list.

Outrè was founded to stand out in an industry of ordinary.

Outrè The Label.
Made for real life.
In and Out-rè.


Creating a sustainable and ethical brand is one of the most important visions we have for Outrè The Label.

We have purposefully designed small curated collections that we believe are of beautiful quality while keeping our planet in mind.

We don’t claim to be perfect and we are still very new to this, but creating a sustainable and ethical brand is one of the most important visions we have for Outrè The Label. Our team has been doing a lot of research and we have specifically chosen suppliers that uphold our personal and professional ethical standards. Together, with our suppliers, we continue to improve all aspects of our production process.

Our team is dedicated to making sustainability our top priority, from the design to the care labels and compostable packaging, you are supporting 100% locally owned and operated when purchasing from Outrè The Label.

One tree is planted from every sale, on behalf of our customers, via Trees That Count. Doing our part for a sustainable future.

Outrè will continue to have not only the customers best interest at heart but also the planets.

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Outrè Clothing is New Zealand’s latest online fashion retailer, with the aim to create a sustainable future using high quality fabrics changing the shape of fashion. We are also proud to stock elite brands and passionate about ensuring our customers with brand authenticity.

With our own label, ‘Outrè The Label’ having been released at the beginning of 2020, we aim to deliver you fresh new designs for every season, designed by our in-house team of fashion forward individuals!


Our dream as a small New Zealand business is dedicated to creating a brand known and trusted for sustainability and beautiful quality. We aim to design incredible garments while keeping our planet in mind, using high quality fabrics and compostable packaging. Outrè The Label represents individuality, striving to deliver on trend however unique styles that differentiate from the rest.

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Outrè is based in Auckland, New Zealand and currently has a team of three innovative, creative and fashion forward individuals. Our team is passionate about delivering kiwi’s the latest trends from international fashion outlets, as well as fresh new seasonal designs created by our in-house team. We may be small, but have big ambitions to make Outrè the online fashion retailer of your choice.

‘If something is beyond what’s considered normal or ordinary, it’s Outrè’