Would you join the crazy que for Parade Ponsonby’s stuffed pretzels and burgers?

This limited dining experience within the heart of Ponsonby, serving up mouthwatering stuffed pretzels, burgers, and a large range of heavenly sides. We sit down with co- founder Nick Fury, to get the inside scoop of the latest Ponsonby pop off, parade.

What inspired you to start Parade?

We had plans to expand last year and lockdown gave us a chance to dive into lots of research and come up with ideas. Sean came across a video on Chicago style stuffed pretzels that immediately grabbed our attention we hadn’t seen anything like it in the Auckland scene. From there we wanted to create a space we could use for events and create a community around, that’s how Parade was born. 

What inspires your menus?

As far as menu goes it’s a very collaborative effort, lots of brainstorming and throwing out ideas, some great some not so good. We like to change up the menu so we’re always working on new ideas. 

What’s your personal fav on the menu? What would you recommend to a first-time customer?

The king of the menu has to be the double smash, it can’t be beat. For first time customers I’d say get a group of mates, order yourself a smash burger and some secret sauce loaded fries to share then finish it off with a banoffee pretzel. 

Will you be getting a liquor license?

We currently have a liquor license application underway. It should be done soon, but like everything with the council it seems to take forever. 

What is your favorite part about owning a business with your friends?

Running a business is never easy but doing it with friends means you know that you’re all in it together and have each other’s backs. The three of us bring something different to the table. Sean knocked it put of the park developing our dough recipe and Bryan’s photography and content skills really give us an edge. I like to think together we make a pretty good team. 

What’s the next step for Parade Ponsonby?

When our liquor license is one the space will get a revamp and we’ll be rolling out a bunch of new menu items. That paired with events coming up for summer is going to make for an exciting few months.