The girls guide to packing for a music festival

It’s nearly that time of year when we set our alarms for early hours in the morning to drive to our favourite summer festivals to count down the new year… 

Too make sure you're the biggest trend setter and grooviest gal out there Outré has put together the perfect guide to get you festival ready for the upcoming new years festivals! Sorry boys but this ones for the girls…

Keep reading for festival trends that every gal needs to add to their packing list this silly season. 


Comfy shoes otherwise girl… your feet are going to hate you. I know we are all so tempted to splurge on that pair of doc martins for festival season but don’t be fooled, your festival shoes need to be made for walking… no number of band aids will fix up those torn up toes. 


Whether your a instagram addict, or a selfie queen, a power bank is a must have and always at the top of my packing list… - no one likes a dead phone… so make sure you go out and get yourself a good power bank before you leave for any festival. 

Matching sets

These are easy, but so great - you looked put together without even trying! Pair with some accessories and a fanny pack and you're ready to groove your way through the night.

Vibrant colour

Vibrant colours are SO in this season, from the electric blues to bright oranges you’ll be sure to be standing out within the crowd, and your friends will most definitely not loose you!