Staying productive in lockdown

A lot is going on in the world right now, there is no denying that, and with New Zealand in lockdown I’ve personally found it hard to stay productive and creative, throughout this pandemic the world has learnt how to revolve and change, and so have I. I’ll be sharing my top tips which help me to stay productive in this time of change.

Make your workspace your own:

First and most importantly, make your workspace your own, whether you like your workspace picture perfect, or a little bit of chaos make it your own, however you like it. Create a space you want to work in. 

Plan and to do lists:

Prioritize your workload, by making to do lists. Planning and prioritizing will save you a lot of time. Crossing things off your list, one step at a time is beyond satisfying and will motivate you to try completing everything as fast as possible.

Put a little extra effort in:

Putting a little extra effort into your appearance is my top tip. And no, I don’t mean a full glam of makeup and your best outfit, just something as little upgrading the PJ pants to a fun outfit, look good, feel good.

Stay active, go outdoors:

Feeling creatively blocked? I personally struggle with this a lot as a designer. My tip would be going out and get some fresh air, clear you mind, regain your creativity.