Quarantine but make it fashion.


Matching sets

 First of all, we undoubtably have all noticed a huge desire for comfort, as in large oversized cozy outfits which we can easily move in throughout the day. Thanks to something called COVID these basic pieces designed to lounge around at home in, are now our best outfits of the day. Something that has really hit the spotlight this lockdown is the matching set trend circling the internet … now its comfort, right? And your look put together at the same time… who doesn’t want that during a global pandemic. Pair your matching set with nice chunky slippers or sneakers, and you are ready to go from room to room feeling cool and trendy.


Athleisure wear

Secondly, who thought the leggings would leave the Pilates class to become our best friend? Well this quarantine they most definitely have. COVID has changed the game when it comes to athleisure wear. Let me tell you before COVID I would not have picked a cute sports crop combo to leave the house in to run errands in, but this look has become my new norm! comfy and cute, with brands like Saski collection, etch, Stax and boa and tea pulling through with cute sets which will make heads turn this quarantine, and we all need a bit of that – don’t we?


When it comes to knitwear, the aspects of warmth and beauty can be combined. Something like a beige knit cardigan chucked over a white cami and some trackpants on the bottom could be your next quarantine fit, with comfort and the stylistic features from the runaways. This trend is definitely going to pop off during the upcoming season of winter so definitely jump on this trend this quarantine before everyone else does!


‘Zoom call look’

Lastly I call this look the zoom call, once zooms started to become an all-time regular, I found myself dressing up in jeans and a top, while this increased my motivation to do work as I felt put together, I wasn’t always comfortable wearing jeans, after some research and a few too many online purchases I found the perfect balance I needed for quarantine ‘the zoom look’  the zoom look consists of business on the top and sweatpants on the bottom, personally one of my favorite quarantine looks, as it is a usual for me,  as while pjs are comfy and all, you still got to be looking fly on your next business zoom call!