Inside the office of Outre's designer

What made you choose fashion design as a career?


It’s always been a huge dream of mine to be a fashion designer. I didn’t actually start here at outré knowing I would be where I am right now as the Outré Creative director / Fashion Designer, I started as the General Manager for Outré just over year ago, after the first lockdown a year ago now Pranav asked me If I would be up to designing a range for Outré and I jumped at the idea, and here we are now designing our 4th collection.


What do you love most about being a designer?


I love the creativeness and freedom of being a fashion designer, the freedom to design and create whatever I want, so women and men can feel confident and comfortable in my designs and garments. I also love the reward of seeing women and men wearing the pieces I’ve designed, has to be one of the most unreal rewarding feelings.


 Where do you get your inspiration from?


The inspiration from my designs come from the trends of the 80s, 90s, a lot of my inspiration is from Pinterest I’ll be scrolling through Pinterest one night and bed and see a design I’d like to re-create and add my own touch too. I often look at the trends in the northern hemisphere as they are essentially a season ahead. All my designs are super minimalistic and loungewear inspired, although with these next few collections we are evolving our aesthetic and vibe to an edgy and modern streetwear vibe which is definitely a bit of me!


What does fashion mean to you?


Fashion means a lot to me, I feel as though I personally express myself through fashion, and the things I wear. My whole life pretty much evolves around fashion, working 9-5 designing clothes and in my spare time also still thinking about clothes haha.


In your opinion, what skills are required to become a successful fashion designer?


in my opinion none, a passion and drive for fashion got me to where I am with no skills what so ever, I’ve learnt a tremendous amount by just working in the fashion industry more than what I think I could have learnt If I went to university for 3 years, a drive and passion can essentially get you to your goals and dreams.


Describe a day in your life?


A day in my life would consist of driving into work at around 6:45, getting to the office at 7 sharp, getting straight into designing the new collections, talking back and forth via zoom and email with our place of production, fabric suppliers, and on a more recent note I’ve been out and about designing our new Outré Headquarters eeek.



What do you struggle with the most as a designer?


I would say I struggle with lack of inspiration, I often find it relatively hard to think of seasons ahead as in our society today trends change faster than people can keep up.